Inspiring a passion to lead.

Our Vision:
Inspire a passion to lead.

To serve as a catalyst for young professionals in our community to grow and thrive in their role as a leader.

Our Values:
  • Accountability:
We are personally responsible for fulfilling our company's mission
  • Compassion
We empathize with those we serve
  • Integrity
Our daily interactions are guided by trust and candor.
  • Quality
We strive for excellence each day.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
We accept and celebrate differences.
  • Stewardship
We effectively utilize the resources entrusted to us.
Why is passionate leadership critical to your business?

  • A high performance workplace culture plays a critical role in reaching and exceeding your business goals.

  • Culture is the collective behaviors of your employees as a result of individual beliefs and  that drive business outcomes.  Simply put, it's the way you do things.

  • A high performance culture happens by design through effective and passionate leadership.

  • Effective and passionate leadership reflects significant clarity and alignment of your vision, mission, values, goals, actions, and results.

Our Experience

Gillon Consulting brings over 25 years of leadership experience and has proven success in facilitating change management efforts at all levels of an organization.

Our Commitment

We will work as your partner to understand the current and desired state of your business.  We will support honest conversations that will serve to guide purposeful actions.  We will demonstrate passion for your success!